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Why Tunisia

Make Tunisia your Choice


An available and high quality infrastructure and a strategic location on the submarine cable map

Strategic Location

Located at the junction of the eastern and western basin of the Mediterranean and only 140 km far from Europe, Within less than three hours flying time from European capitals and major cities of the Middle East.

Flight times

Paris 2hours 25 min, London 2 h 45 min, Stockholm 3 h, Rome 1 hour 20min, Frankfurt 2 h 45 min, Amsterdam 2 h 50 min.

Time Zone

GMT + 1

Major Natural resources

Iron, lead, ore, salt, zinc, petroleum, olive oil


A dynamic and thriving Ecosystem

Healthcare System

A healthcare system meeting the European standards.


A Strong legal framework and attractive incentives

A Talent Hub

Talented and competitive human resources acknowledged worldwide.

A Regional Platform

Tunisia is a preferred site for investors wishing to serve neighboring markets like the Algerian and Libyan markets. It is also a regional platform to cover on the one hand, the European countries and on the other hand, African countries as well as the Arab Gulf States enjoying strong growth and high purchasing power.

Openness to international markets

Tunisia is a hub to access several international markets since it always has been among the first countries to build solid partnerships: (EU – Tunisia) Association agreement, Free trade Agreement, Free trade Area (Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq and The League of Arabic States), COMESA agreement. Adding to that, Tunisia is considered as a privileged economic partner for EU which generates high trading exchanges with the European countries, and is also a portal to the African market.

Tunisia have been elected Best Place To Invest in 2018 according to Forbes Rankings, and is one of seven non-European countries to sign the EU 108 Convention , and of the three ratifying it.

Well Ranked

Tunisia is the African country where you have to invest according to the GEDI report, it has won 8 places, ranked 40th, 6th at MENA and 1st in Africa.
The doing business 2020 report ranked Tunisia 78th, making it one of the best places to invest in MEA region.
The Global competitiveness report ranked Tunisia 87th, making it in the top 5 in Africa.
Tunisia is one of the first countries to be a member of the Open Government Partnership.
Tunisia has been ranked 1st Arab and 2nd African country according to the 2019 Social Progress Imperative (SPI)

Tunisia Best Place to Invest 2018

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