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300K Total enrolled students 2017/2018


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Tunisian human resources are always in line with the needs of businesses, they represent a rich pool of talent constituting one of the major assets of the country through their bilingualism, their sense of adaptation and their creativity.

Tunisia is ahead of several neighboring countries and is ranked 26th by the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 (World Economic Forum).

Main Universities & Training Centers

The success of the competitive and skilled human resources of the Tunisian market, is due to the fact that Tunisia has focused on youth education since 1956.
Many professional retraining public and private institutions and programs to cope with the market changes and needs: Ministry of employment and ANETI programs and centers, CORP, Holberton School, RBK, Fivepoints, GoMYCODE, …
There are also +1K training centers (public and private) with 140 K enrolled students in Training centers.
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6 K
40 K
ICT Students
61 %
Are women graduates
Top notch data scientists

+208 Faculty and Institute

82 Institute specialized in IT

+25 Technicians Institutes

+ 21 Engineering Schools

+ 450 ICT related university branches

40% of universities specialized in IT

Presence of international schools and universities

Today students in Tunisia can be co-graduated from Smart Tunisia’s partner universities and training centers that are among the best in the world.
More than 20 of the diplomas witness the internationally high value of the Tunisian education and training in IT since they result from co-graduation agreements with the best international universities or co-designed courses, created in the context of foreign cooperation (EU, GIZ, and French and German universities),

2018 Needed competencies ranking

  • 2018 Needed competencies ranking
  • 2018 Digital competencies ranking
From the world competetiveness report 2018 1 = zero et 7 = Largement disponible

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