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smart tunisia

Smart Tunisia

Welcome to Tunisia

Smart Tunisia is a major national program to support the growth and development of digital investment, to foster the IT ecosystem, create the best ground to create and value innovative IT champions in Tunisia and abroad.

Smart Tunisia aims at positioning Tunisia on the innovation technologies excellence map and promotes the country as a Technology and Knowledge destination.

With confirmed talents, acknowledged nationally and internationally, Smart Tunisia offers to investors the convenient atmosphere to do business and to benefit from the best of competences and infrastructure.

Endorsed by the Tunisian government, Smart Tunisia figures among the most strategic programs working on encouraging international operators to consider Tunisia as a Talent Hub for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Growth today is an investment for tomorrow"

John C Maxwell

Make Tunisia a Focal Point , your Growth Partner

Smart Tunisia is a focal point for all the procedures for the incorporation of your enterprise.

With its fully dedicated team, multilateral partnerships with public and private institutions, Smart Tunisia will support you and provide you with the appropriate guidance for implementing your right work infrastructure.

With its public-private structure flexibility, Smart Tunisia is well equipped to answer investors’ needs and to revitalize the IT services sector through the provisioning of incentives and right adequacy in order to converge the labor market demand and supply.


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