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A high quality infrastructure

Tunisia is the 2nd South Mediterranean's leading country in terms of telecommunications , infrastructure. And ranked 81th in Africa , among 143 countries in the « networked business index » published by the « global information technology report ».
With 10 operational Technopark, And 18 Cyberparks across many regions focusing on the software development , website maintenance, creation and services related to remote communication technologies (ICT) and call centers. These cyber parks also work as incubators for businesses operating in ICT.

Tunisia is the “Leading country in the Southern Mediterranean region in term of Telecom infrastructure”

Bandwidth capacity

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Most Competitive Costs in EMEA

80 to 100 USD per day fully loaded cost
7 USD/month per SQM for class A offices in top locations
20 K $
Senior Team Leader
10 K $
Two Year Engineer
6 k $
Hot Liner (BPO)

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